Protect-A-Pipe has developed a solution to provide quality service and quality product. Our Stainless Steel Moulds are installed and remain installed, which provides added protection and in the same token are visually appealing.

“Based on our research, We believe Protect-A-Pipe is the only company to offer a certified product that meets the standards in accordance with AS 1530.4. We are yet to find anyone else who can provide the same product with the same quality.”

To prove our method is in accordance with AS 1530.4; PP designed and manufactured a test rig (specimen), to ensure the test is based on the conditions within the onsite installation; steel weights were applied to simulate fluid weight based on weight distribution per hanger for 100NB & 150NB.

Where pipework is likely to be exposed to fire in a building that is not protected by sprinklers, then the pipe supports shall have a FRL not less than 60/-/-, while maintaining a pipe-support temperature of not less than 500 C when tested in accordance with AS1530.4; or other measures shall be taken to prevent its early collapse when exposed to fire.

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