Topham Carpark – Adelaide City Council Region, South Australia

PROTECT-A-PIPE recently retrofitted its fire rated products in an underground car park for an apartment block with in the Charles Sturt City Council region – SA.

Installed by others – recently retrofitted protect-a-pipe fire rated products in Topham Carpark with in the Adelaide City Council region – SA.

There was also a special request by client for custom designed moulds to suit unistrut brackets.

NSW Apartment Block Installation

Protectapipe rectifying pipework hanging from unistrut arrangements, to keep it simple Protectapipe suggest retrofit our system in between the unistrut hangers to meet the standards as shown in photos attached – installed in an underground car park for a 5 storey apartment block – NSW.

Melbourne Apartment Block Installation

October 2018 Protect-a-Pipe received an order from Impact Plumbing to provide Stainless Steel Moulds for 100NB Yoke Clamps.

32 moulds were installed for the underground car park, Mathew Marcello the director of Impact Plumbing was impressed with the finished product, which also finalise sign off by the consultant.

Bath Hotel

The Bath Hotel, 232 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067. With 40 moulds install for the underground car park.

CBC College

Christian Brothers College, Adelaide at 214 Wakefield Street, Adelaide SA

Pedare Christian College

The Padre Christian College. 30 Surrey Farm Drive, Golden Grove SA 5125. Install of 8 custom made moulds to suit special requirement

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